Finishing Concrete

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Power concrete screeds and Power trowels are used in place of  manual screed bars and hand trowels to strike off excess concrete and then to finish the final surface. Concrete is first poured from a wet mix to the desired location and power screed assists in the smoothing out process by leveling out and/or vibrating the wet mixture prior to the mix drying. The vibration that adds to the effectiveness of leveling is from a powered series of rotating weights placed for maximum performance. Once the pour has set enough to support the weight of an operator walking on it with minimal sinking, the "helicopter style" rotating blades of a power trowel begin smoothing the surface to the desired finish. 

Screeds are available in walk-behind units for versatility, or in truss screed configurations for processing larger pours.

Power trowels range from 24" wide to 46" wide and some are available with the ability to finish concrete within 1/8 inch of a wall.