Earth Compaction

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Earth compactors (Ground Pounders) are effective machines designed to compact dirt or asphalt, smoothing and packing by transmitting vibration or heavy blow compaction through the base plate. The vibrating action is generated from a motor driven exciter in a mounted vibrator case and rammers compact through rapid impact generated with a reciprocating gearbox and offsetting spring assembly. Plate compactors are suitable for making the ground surface smooth, such as leveling the soil and sand, finishing asphalt, and leveling pavers. Rammers (Jumping Jacks) are best used for aggressive compaction of heavy/clay-like soils... especially in trenching. Applications as followings:

  • Trench compaction
  • Earth works
  • Road maintenance
  • Landscaping
  • Brick paving
  • Driveway toppings

Warning about incorrect application and abuse

Vibratory plate compactors are very hard to move forward and operate on a soil with too much water content (especially soil with a high clay or silt content). They are not suitable for such an application. Soil compaction with large stones can be inefficient due to insufficient compacting force. Plate compaction is mainly applied for compacting surfaces smooth and it may not be effective for jobs that require heavy compaction. In the case of compacting ground deeply into the lower layer, it is recommended to use one of our Powered Tamping Rammers for aggressive compaction before using vibratory plate compaction. Use a plate compactor for the finished surface compacting of soil, sediment, sand , and asphalt. It is not recommended for use on other applications.